Shoprev had the pleasure of interviewing Nazim Faquiryan from Rick’s Body and Paint, located in Vacaville, CA! In this interview, we learn about Nazim’s beginnings at Rick’s Body and Paint, the communication between the shop and insurance companies, the keys to customer satisfaction and what makes the shop such a growing success.

Nazim took over the shop around 11 years ago, and since then, it’s grown a lot! Making sure customers are happy is his and his team’s top priority, along with meeting expectations. Technology has also changed significantly in this time frame and has enabled better communication between Nazim and his customers. Accessibility is key to making communication flow smoothly, and direct access to Rick’s Body and Paint makes for happier customers who will feel confident leaving their cars/trucks in capable hands.

Updating customers with progress photos and where parts are being purchased from is another perk at Rick’s Body and Paint!

What are the latest advancements and trends in the industry that have had a significant impact on the business? One would be newer vehicles. Electric vehicle technology is a game-changing trend that has altered the pace of the industry, requiring a new set of knowledge when handling repairs.

So, what are the key factors to customer satisfaction, we asked? One would be the initial contact and being available – you won’t find any automated voices at Rick’s Body and Paint when you call! They’ll also give you all the details about the repair process so the customer has a clear idea of what to expect. Close to about 70% to 75% of Nazim’s business is repeat referral customers!

Collaborating with insurance companies is a significant aspect of the job at Rick’s Body and Paint. How does Nazim navigate those partnerships? One would be explaining his shop’s stance with the insurance company for starters, and using multiple avenues to try to get the dealerships to price match what the insurance companies are sending them. The insurance companies that work with Rick’s Body and Paint will have nothing but good things to say! Rick’s Body and Paint aims for clear communication with both customers and insurance companies alike.

What are some of the biggest challenges Nazim has faced while running the shop? Calibrations and getting parts they don’t have are just two that come to his mind, but otherwise, it’s been a blessing of good things at Rick’s Body and Paint.

Now, what are some of the biggest successes? Social media has impacted the success of the business big time! Nazim names Shoprev as a big contributor to social media success and bringing business to his shop – and we are so thankful for that!

What advice would Nazim give to aspiring auto body shop owners out there who are looking to get into the industry? First, you have to genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. Being communicative with insurance companies is another key factor in the industry that helps the process, and ultimately will help with customer satisfaction.

Lastly, what’s next for Rick’s Body and Paint? Focus on building what they already have! Making sure the business reaches maximum potential is Nazim and the team’s main goal. There’s always good things happening at Rick’s Body and Paint! Stop by and see them in Vacaville, CA for any of your auto body repair needs.

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