Get ready to take a deep dive with Leo Alsane, Owner of Graphix Lab. In this episode we talk about Video Marketing Mastery, The Importance Of Sales Follow Up, & Paint Protection Film Shop Growth!

Leo Alsane is the owner of Graphix Lab, which has been in business for over 7 years now in South San Francisco, CA. Since moving to the United States, Leo was introduced to a mechanic shop, which is how his beginnings in the field first started. After fixing cars and even working in the dealership field, Leo took notice of car wraps. Eventually, it led to other styling services that Graphix Lab offers, such as chrome delete, color wraps, paint protection film, window tints, decals and striping!

We asked Leo, what are some challenges he faced in the process of building Graphix Lab as a business?

“Getting customers, for one! The competition in the market is real, so adapting tomarketing strategies has been key. Finding a way to stand out with exceptional service has been another successful key. Word of mouth business will always come to you if you stand behind your work and keep QUALITY as a priority.” – Leo Alsane

Leo also mentions that Shoprev has been a helpful tool in bringing in new customers with quality marketing strategies. Video content is king! It’s a way to show potential customers what you do with a clear picture in mind. It also serves as an educational tool to help a potential customer learn about specific services. For Graphix Lab, video content helped their team learn how to capture the process of particular services more articulately. Product awareness has been another helpful success of capturing videos.

If you’re a shop owner who’s nervous to get in front of the camera, Leo’s tip is to “NOT DO IT ALONE”! A video production team is a great tool that will deliver quality results with the beneficial expertise you need to make it run smoothly. Be confident, show your passion, and the rest will follow! Video marketing goes a long way for your business. We also asked Leo for tips on closing more sales. This is how he responded.

“Following up with a customer about a potential sale after giving them a quote makes a tremendous difference. Without a sales follow-up, your chance of getting the sale is exponentially lower. Educate your clients with information about your services and a follow-up call will take your business further.”

We hope you find this interview with Leo at Graphix Lab helpful for your business. Knowledge is everything, and using it to excel your business is what Shoprev is all about! Watch the full interview here.

To learn more about Graphix Lab and what their amazing team does in South San Francisco, CA, check out their links below!

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